Looking for Nostr search?

It is now moved to Nostr.Band.

What is this?

This is an experiment.

It is a paid web search engine. You choose a plan, pay using the Lightning Network, and run your searches.

No cookies, no ads, no third-parties. You are the customer, not the product.

The cool part: half of it's revenue goes to the websites shown in search results. So content providers are not exploited either.

It has it's own index of the web to avoid relying on big-corp data providers. That's why it's called the Real search :)

The index is tiny — around 40 million docs for now, but it contains much of the most popular web pages. Enough for a prototype.

Only English is supported at this point.

Why would anyone need this?

Great question!

It's one of the two reasons to run this experiment.

The first hypothesis is that some people might choose to pay, instread of getting a product for free and themselves becoming a product for advertisers.

Just like some people choose to store their wealth in a self-sovereign manner using Bitcoin, instead of getting ripped off by central banks.

The second hypothesis is that it is actually possible to build, bottom up, a new web search engine with good-enough quality to serve people's daily needs. Without tracking, 'personalization', AI and similar dystopian stuff.

Is the answer to these questions yes? I don't know. That's why this experiment is worth running.

If you strive to be a sovereign person, if you take responsibility for your life and your choices, if you value fair and transparent commercial relationships, then consider supporting this effort.

Who is doing this?

My name is Artur, I've been running a large-scale web crawler for many years.

I have also played a while with the Lightning Network, and now decided to merge these hobbies into one.

We can talk on nostr: npub1xdtducdnjerex88gkg2qk2atsdlqsyxqaag4h05jmcpyspqt30wscmntxy

Plus some old-fashion ways to talk: Twitter, Telegram or email.